In-Town Referees

The MHYSA InTown Program has 2 divions that utilizes Referees to officiate games; Grade 1 and Grade 2. These formats have unique rules which can be found at -> Intown Program. The In-Town Program is where Referees get their start; where we begin to develop and practice the art of being a Referee. MHYSA provides Referee Mentors, weekly Points of Emphasis and support/guidance for our newly Certified Referees.

Some Grade 2 may have a lot of players. It is always an option to allow coaches to decide, if they wish, to play 7v7 (6 field players and a goal keeper) instead of the traditional 6v6 (5 field players and a goal keeper). This is a decision that both coaches need to agree with before the game starts. This is not a referee decision. 6v6 match rules apply.

MHYSA pays Referees for all In-Town games. Pay procedures ae covered in the Pre-Season meeting.