Zero Tolerance Policy

Please review the Zero Tolerance policy. This is published by BAYS. MHYSA adheres to and supports this policy to the letter.

Remember that this is a game played by children who want to have fun and learn the game. Likewise, many of our game officials are also young adolescents, who play and like the game enough to be our referees. They are learning how to become better Referees. MHYSA uses only currently USSoccer Certified Referees to officiate our games. MHYSA has a Referee development program to assist our Referees' competence, experience and confidence.

Encouragement is the key, not criticism.

Please be advised the EVERY Travel soccer game is evaluated for Zero Tolerance.  BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer) & MHYSA investigate EVERY Zero Tolerance violation, many of which can result in disciplinary action.