Game Format

There are many different ways soccer leagues can organize their teams. MHYSA fields teams in several categories: 4v4, 6v6, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11, girls, boys, Intown and Travel. Age categories can range from Under 6 to Under 18, depending on the season and numbers of players/coaches available, note intown teams are based upon grade and referred to as Grade 1, etc, just like in travel.  However on the registration, they are still termed "Under 6", "Under 8".  Please see more information under Intown Program Review or Travel Program Review for additional explanation.

MHYSA organizes teams into two leagues - Intown and Travel.

The Intown program is centered on our younger players. This is an opportunity to introduce the players to the game, teach them the rules and to have fun. After all, it is a game. Teams are organized by grade and play against other teams within the league.

Intown teams include the Kindergarten/ Pre-K Instructional league (which consists of older Pre-K and all kindergarten players, see age eligibility with questions, Grade 1 & Grade 2. Teams in this Kindergarten/ Pre-K are coed, and then split into boys and girls teams starting in 1st grade.

The Travel program is affiliated with the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS). Teams are organized by gender, age and skill level. These teams travel to other towns to play in a more competitive game situation.

Travel teams start at Grade 3 and go to Grade 12. Under BAYS, Grades 7 and 8 are combined as Grade 8 (as are grade 9/10 & grade 11/12 in the spring seasons). Depending on the number of players, older aged teams can sometimes be fielded for the Spring season. Teams play a 10 game season, 5 games are played home and 5 away.