Travel Program

The MHYSA Travel program is affiliated with the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS). Teams are organized by gender, grade and skill level. These teams travel to other towns to play in a more competitive game situation.

Please note that this past year (2016/2017 season), US Soccer has adopted grade based soccer programs, and BAYS has followed this adoption.  In order to align with this change, MHYSA has moved to a grade based travel program.  Below are links with additional helpful information regarding this change:

Travel teams start at Grade 3 and go up to Grade 8.  All players are required to play the appropriate grade based teams. Grade 8 is the only combined grade program, it includes grade 7 and grade 8.   Depending on the number of players, older aged teams (U16 and U18/19) can sometimes be fielded for the Spring season.

Travel Teams play a 10 game season, 5 games are played home and 5 away. Games are held each Saturday, with start times for these games typically between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Typically home games are played at Mellen Field in Hopedale or Milford High School & Plains Park in Milford. Teams typically play a 10 game season, 5 games are played home and 5 away. Note: Makeup games can be scheduled weekdays/weekends at varying times.

Typically there are one or two practices per week (usually weeknights) depending on the age group.  Please note however, that practices are held at the discretion of the volunteer coach based on his/her availability/work schedule, etc.

Uniform Requirements:

Shin guards are required for all programs and can be purchased at the MHYSA store. Cleats are not required but are HIGHLY recommended.  If you are going to purchase cleats, no metal cleats are allowed.  Please make sure you purchase soccer cleats and not football/baseball turf shoes.

MHYSA travel uniforms can be purchased by emailing emailing Iain Shipperd at [email protected] and then picking up at the MHYSA Store on Central Street. The travel shirts have red & black stripes and each with a jersey number, addition of player name on the back is optional.

MHYSA travel team shorts and socks are typically black and can be purchased at the MHYSA store.