In an effort to try to minimize the craziness and make it more fun for the players, we have some rules that we would like to share. We ask for your cooperation and that you try to abide by them.

Games are fun for the players and teams. It can also be fun from a spectator stand point - cheering the players on to do their best.

Game time can also be somewhat hectic...coaches trying to round up their players to warm up, last minute tieing of shoes (double knots hopefully), player inspections, etc.

We require that all teams be on the same side of the field during the game.

We also require that all the parents be on the opposite side of the field. This helps during the game with player management and substitutions. (Travel games require only approved coaches can be on the bench. All other should be on the opposite side of the field.)

We also require that no one be behind the goals and goal lines during the game. Its a well intended thing, thinking you are helping a young player who is goalkeeping. But you aren't and its not fair to that player nor his/her team. The Goalkeeper has received instructions from their coaches. The coaches can continue this from their bench during the game. Having someone behind or near the net talking to the goalkeeper is a big distraction. You may also being giving them instructions counter to what the coaches have already passed on.

If you are one of these, please join the rest of the spectators and cheer from there. If you are asked by a game official, or a coach, to move away, please do so.

Again, please remember, this is a game, played by our children. Let's let them have fun.