MHYSA Playing Time Guidelines

The Milford-Hopedale Youth Soccer Association is committed to providing a positive experience for all our participants.  We believe that to enjoy the game of soccer, and continue to develop their skills, players need to be active in both training activities and games.  With this as a foundational philosophy for our community-based program, we have established the following guidelines that we feel will maximize individual development and enjoyment of the sport.

Player Responsibilities

Playing time is not given, it is earned by showing commitment to the team.  Players have the responsibility to demonstrate their effort to the team. 

For these guidelines to apply, a player must:

  • Attend practice regularly
  • Arriving to practice and games promptly at the time communicated by the Coach
  • Show effort and mental focus during practices and pre-game warmups
  • Behave respectfully to all teammates, coaches, opposing players and officials

Playing Time Disputes

Players and parents should communicate with their coach if there are questions about playing time.

If, after speaking to the coach, there is still a concern, parents can reach out to their appropriate program coordinator (Intown or Travel).

Please see attached guidelines