Reschedule Games

This information is for Travel games. For the rules about rescheduling, see BAYS -> Policies -> Current Rulebook -> By-Law 9 Playing the Schedule. Basically, if unable to play a game, pre-poning is generally recommended, with both coaches agreeing to a new game date/time.

If it is early in the season, and MHYSA fields are closed due to weather, check with the opposing coach to see if away field is available. If yes, SWAP the game (change current week to away, and have opposing coach contact their Referee Assignor to “SWAP”the opposing game to MHYSA, and that one would be played as an MHYSA Home Game.

If the away field is not available, or you are looking to reschedule a home game, check the rules (see above for reference) and basically do the following:

  1. Check website Calendar for available date/time slots for field. For Woodland, contact Tasha Griffin at [email protected] for available dates/times.
  1. Email opposing coach with 3 date/time options. Per BAYS rules send email with a "cc" to BAYS Division Director. There should be 3 unique dates/times proposed.It may be easier for the opposing coach to reschedule on a practice day. The idea is to get the game played. 
  2. When you and the opposing coach should agree on 1 or more dates/times.
  3. Send agreed to date/time, along with field requested, to Tasha Griffin (President) at [email protected] and Ed Wolf (Referee Assignor) at [email protected]
  4. Please include Field, date and time in the email "Subject" line.
  5. Please include the original scheduled date of the game in the body of the email.
  6. Allow at least 1 week lead time to schedule field and get ref assigned.
  7. Tasha will confirm time, email you with a confirmation and notify Ed Wolf.  Referee will be automatically assigned by Ed.
  8. Ed will update BAYS games website with new date/time/field. You and the opposing coach will receive an email from BAYS with this information as soon as it is submitted. If you do not receive this email within a couple days of rescheduled confirmation from Tasha and Ed, send Ed an email. This will help decrease errors, which can occur.
  9. Website Calendar will be updated with the approved makeup game information - date, time and field for reference.
  10. Send confirming email to opposing coach and “CC” to BAYS Division Director to confirm the game.