Board of Directors

The MHYSA Board meets every the third Monday of every month at the MHYSA Offices located at 132A Central Street, Milford, MA 01757. If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact any of our board members listed below:

Executive Board

President Brandon Westfield [email protected]
VP - Boys Travel Director  Dan Goncalves [email protected] 
VP - Girls Travel Director Jason Karlin [email protected]
Treasurer Dave Ferreira [email protected] 
Secretary Iain Shipperd

[email protected]

Standing Committees


Tasha Griffin

[email protected]
Intown Coordinator Matt Deiana [email protected]
Boys Travel Coordinator Dan Goncalves [email protected] 
Girls Travel Coordinator Jason Karlin [email protected] 
Director - Travel Referees Ed Wolf [email protected]
Director - Intown Referees Ed Wolf [email protected]
Director of Development (MYSA) Manny Goncalves

[email protected]

Director - Communications Iain Shipperd [email protected]
Field Coordinator OPEN  

Cori Submitter (MYSA)

Tasha Griffin [email protected]
BAYS Representative Brandon Westfield [email protected] 
Web Site Manager Interim Ed Wolf [email protected] 
Immediate Past President Tasha Griffin [email protected]
Director of Equipment Jessica Westfield [email protected] 
Director - Travel Tryouts Brandon Westfield [email protected]