3rd and 4th Grade Travel Evaluation Update 6/7/21

For 3rd and 4th grade travel evaluations, the girls and boys will be evaluated at the same time at Woodland.  The boys and girls will be on opposite sides of the turf with the evaluators rotating each night.

4th grade will be Tuesday from 5:30-6:45/7:00 with checkin from 5:00-5:30 at Woodland Elementary School.

3rd grade will be Thursday from 5:30-6:45/7:00 with checkin from 5:00-5:30 at Woodland Elementary School.


All parents are welcome to remain at Woodland, must stay back by the parking lot, lower grass area.  No one is allowed near the field.  Parents of 4th graders especially, please stay close on Tuesday with the slight chance of thuderstorms that afternoon/evening


Travel Player Skill Evaluation ID Sessions

MHYSA Travel Skill Evaluation ID Sessions 2021/2022 season


All Skill Evaluations will take place at Woodland Elementary School in Milford

Players attend evaluations based on their grade in fall 2021

All players must wear shin guards with soccer socks and cleats/sneakers and they must bring their own soccer ball and water

Players must be registered ahead of time if attending, please see the registration link at top right of page


  • Tuesday June 1st
    • 5:30-6:45 Boys 7th/8th grade (check-in 5:00-5:30)
    • 6:45-8:00 Girls 7th/8th grade (check-in 6:15-6:45)
  • Thursday June 3rd
    • 5:30-6:45 Boys 6th grade (check-in 5:00-5:30)
    • 6:45-8:00 Girls 6th grade (check-in 6:15-6:45)
  • Friday June 4th
    • 5:30-6:45 Boys 5th grade (check-in 5:00-5:30)
    • 6:45-8:00 Girls 5th grade (check-in 6:15-6:45)
  • Tuesday June 8th
    • 5:30-6:45 Boys 4th grade (check-in 5:00-5:30)
    • 6:45-8:00 Girls 4th grade (check-in 6:15-6:45)
  • Thursday June 10th
    • 5:30-6:45 Boys 3rd grade (check-in 5:00-5:30)
    • 6:45-8:00 Girls 3rd grade (check-in 6:15-6:45)
  • Friday June 11th
    • Goalie Evaluations
    • Make-up date

Covid Update from Mass Youth Soccer and BAYS on 5/20/21

Mass Youth Soccer released another version of updated COVID protocols, bringing them more into alignment with the CDC and Commonwealth of MA EEA guidance.

Important changes in the new protocols are summarized below. Click here for the detailed Mass Youth Soccer COVID protocols: www.mayouthsoccer.org/returntosocceractivitiespdf/

  • Mask are NOT required for YOUTH participants aged 18 years and under, including players and referees, when engaged in soccer and actively on the field of play. 
    • At any time off the field of play, youth participants also do not have to wear a mask, but only if social distance can be maintained.
      • If social distance cannot be maintained, they must wear a mask. 
  • Masks are still required for ADULT participants aged 19 years and older while actively playing, since social distancing cannot be continually maintained while playing soccer.
  • Mask are NOT required for ADULT participants aged 19 years and older, including players, coaches, and referees, when they are outdoors and can maintain social distance. 
    • At any time social distance cannot be maintained they must wear a mask. 
  • Mask are NOT required for Spectators of any age as long as proper social distancing is maintained between different family groups.
    • At any time social distance cannot be maintained they must wear a mask. 

Please keep in mind, individuals may choose to wear a mask at their, or in the case of a child, the parents’ discretion. As a community, BAYS should continue to support and respect all individuals and avoid any mask shaming or bullying. 

BAYS wants to reinforce that Home Town rules still APPLY. Some town, city, and regional Boards of Health, as well as club organizations may impose more restrictive measures for facial coverings for participants and spectators. If so, these restrictions take precedence and must be respected and followed when games take place under those jurisdictions. 

  • Remind coaches to communicate any specific restrictions to their visiting opponents well in advance of game time.

Additionally, under this new guidance, the restrictions on teams playing multiple opponents in a single day are removed. This opens up the possibility of scheduling make-up games vs different opponents on the same day as regularly scheduled BAYS games.

Any MHYSA Covid-19 related questions, please direct them to our organizations Covid Safety Officer, Brian Giroux [email protected] and club president Tasha Griffin [email protected]

Spring 2021 Registration Now Open

Spring 2021 Season Registration Information

TRAVEL REGISTRATION DUES are $100.00.  Save $5.00 by using our online registration.

LATE FEE ($25) starts after January 28, 2021 for Travel players
Open Registration Ends January 28, 2021 for Travel players, players subjected to wait list and late fee registering after this date. 

Travel team placement in BAYS is due by 2/1/2021, please register before this date so MHYSA can enter the appropriate number of teams.


IN-TOWN REGISTRATION DUES are $90.00.  Save $5.00 by using our online registration.

LATE FEE ($25) starts after March 12, 2021 for Intown players
Open Registration Ends March 12, 2021 for Intown players, players subjected to wait list and late fee registering after this date. 


Tentative Season Start/End:  April 10, 2021 - June 12, 2021

Effective 3/17/2021- All individuals requiring uniforms must email Iain Shipperd at [email protected] to make an appointment for uniform purchase.  

Fall 2020 Soccer Announcement

MHYSA Fall 2020 Season Announcement.  9/11/2020:

Good Morning All-

Most of you are eagerly awaiting information regarding the upcoming Fall season.  We do apologize for the delayed information, we have been juggling vacations, season prep, and new COVID policies for the season.  We do appreciate your patience as we navigate the regs for the new season.  Once the new COVID policies are approved, they will be uploaded to our website, www.mhysa.com.  Adherence to these new polices is critical for the season play.

The season is targeted to start on 9/19/2020. 

Travel teams will be finalized today and coaches will get roster information this weekend.  These coaches should be reaching out very shortly afterwards.  The BAYS travel schedule just went live yesterday.

Intown teams will be finalized over the weekend and coaches will receive their rosters very early next week.  Children should hear shortly after that.

Practices are still being worked out and coaches will be able to provide information on details.


If you have not completed check out for the season, please do so now to ensure that your child is placed on a team for Fall.

If you need to purchase a uniform shirt for the season, please contact Iain Shipperd- [email protected]

Thank you,




Previous Registration Announcements Below:

MHYSA Intown Soccer Announcement:


MHYSA has opened fall 2020 soccer for in-town registration.  In-town soccer is for some pre-k, Kindergarten, and grades 1-2 (please see MHYSA age eligibility on website).  A tentative season has been scheduled starting on 9/19/2020 and will last until mid November (11/14-11/15).  MHYSA registration will remain open without penalty until 9/12/2020.  Any players registering after this date will be assessed a late fee and be placed on a waiting list.

Please note: 

Game times, days and locations might be different from prior seasons and might even change during the season based on ongoing Covid-19 concerns and guidelines.  For instance our K/Pre-k program has traditionally been Saturday mornings from 7:45-8:45, however based on registration numbers and Covid-19 guidelines, it might move to a different day and time.

MHYSA is in the process of working with Mass Youth Soccer on COVID safety policies for the season.  Once completed MHYSA will email all families & post new policies to website.  

Also please note that if MHYSA is forced to cancel the season due to Mass Youth Soccer & state guidelines, MHYSA will issue a refund minus a $10.00 administrative fee.  Refunds will not be issued due to concern over team placements. MHYSA's refund policy is for medical issues or those moving out of town prior to season commencement.

Please email any registration questions to [email protected]  Any intown program questions can be directed to [email protected]

Register NOW on our website, www.mhysa.com, navigate to registration tab and go to online registration!

Thank you & be safe!

MHYSA Board of Directors





Dear Players and Parents, 

Soccer in Massachusetts is now considered medium-risk sport and therefore currently falls in Phase 3 Level 3. It is our hope that the fall season will be a celebration of returning to play.  Although there is no official guarantee that the Commonwealth remains at this Phase for full games, BAYS needs to begin the process of registration for a “normal” fall season. The process of registering teams, placement and building schedules for all the towns is a lengthy process and therefore MHYSA is opening the Travel Registration for Fall 2020.  

For the time being, we will only be opening fall registration for TRAVEL PLAYERS ONLY.  This is for players entering grades 3 - grade 8 this fall.  Registration for these grades is OPEN NOW.  Once things become more certain, we will open in-town soccer programs.  MHYSA has adjusted fall registration dues.  Travel registration will remain open and without late penalty until the end of August.  We are urging players to register BY 8/14/2020.  This is because BAYS requires MHYSA to enter teams by 8/14/20.  Any travel player registering after 8/31/2020 will be placed on a waiting list and be assessed a late fee. If your child will be participating in the fall 2020 soccer season, please visit our website, www.mhysa.com, navigate to the registration page, and go to online registration.  BAYS has a tentative opening season date of 9/12/2020, however subject to change.

Due to the ongoing concerns and restrictions regarding Covid-19, MHYSA will not be conducting evaluations for the fall travel teams.  All players registering for fall travel soccer will be placed on teams based on last year's tryout data and their coach’s evaluation from last fall and spring 2019.  We understand that this is not ideal but ask that you bear with us during this difficult period. MHYSA has a no-refund policy. Unless there is a medical issue or player is moving out of town prior to season start, then we would need a doctor note or forwarding address.  Refunds will not be issued due to concerns with team placement. If BAYS cancels the fall season a refund will be issued minus the administration fee of $10.00 that is not returned to the league. Travel related questions can be sent to [email protected]

Please note as well that MHYSA is working with Mass Youth Soccer regarding state safety (COVID) to implement safety policies for the upcoming season.  These policies will be emailed out to all registered familes, as well as posted to our website as soon as they are approved.



Thank you!

MHYSA Board of Directors.


New Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration Requirements for Coaching

As of July 1, 2019, Mass Youth Soccer has changed its requirements.  Now, every adult member of all organizations affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer must complete the Adult Registration process and be CORI and National Background Check Approved, State and National Sex Offender Registry Search Cleared.

This is required of all adults involved in any aspect of Milford-Hopedale Youth Soccer. For coaches, this must be completed before you can participate in ANY MHYSA activity, including coaching practices.  It can take weeks to complete and process.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the process.

  1. Click this link Milfordhys.mayouthsoccerconnect.org to access the NEW Milford-Hopedale Adult Member Registration. Create an account.  After you create the account:
  2. Do Cori: must have driver’s license information. Must be able to upload a picture. After Cori submission:
  3. Do Safe Sport Training, takes 1 – 2 hours. Then:
  4. Do Concussion Training. 
  5. Once complete, email Brandon Westfield for intown and Iain Shipperd for travel coaching

Intown Changes Grades 1/2 starting in Fall 2018

On July 17, 2018, MHYSA board voted on changes to our intown soccer program in accordance to new mandates from our governing body, Mass Youth Soccer.  

Starting Fall 2018, all programs will be grade-based, and therefore we will be splitting 1st and 2nd grade.  We will also continue to divide by gender also starting in 1st grade, just as we do in travel.  Therefore, 1st grade boys will play against each other, as will 1st grade girls, 2nd grade boys and 2nd grade girls.

The other change is by Fall 2019, all grades 2nd and lower must be playing 4v4 without a goalie.  In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we are going to implement some changes this fall, and the rest for Fall 2019.
-Starting Fall 2018, 1st grade will play 4v4 without goalies.  There are some rule changes that will be posted shortly under our intown rules tab.  1st grade will also continue to use a size 3 soccer ball, as they did in kindergarten.  However the weekly schedule will remain the same as the former U8 schedule.  There will be 1 practice during the week and 1 game on Saturday at 9:00 or later that will be officiated by a referee.
-There are no changes for 2nd grade this year.  They will continue to play 6v6 with a goalie for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.  However, starting in Fall 2019, 2nd grade will begin playing 4v4 soccer.