MHYSA Night at DQ

MHYSA Night at DQ Thursday November 2nd from 5:00-8:00PM


Please come out and support our organization

10% of proceeds will go to MHYSA



Intown Games Under the Lights

We are very excited to be bringing back intown "Games Under the Lights"

These games will take place at Woodland Elementary School turf in Milford on Monday night 10/30

Games will be slightly shorter and we ask families to quickly exit after their game so that there is enough parking for the next set of games.


Below is the schedule

Field 1 will be closest to the school, field 2 in the middle and field 3 closest to the street



5:30 Games - 1st/2nd Grade Girls

              HOME           AWAY

Field 1 - Kapitanyan v Borges

Field 2 - Calzolaio v Sieng

Field 3 - DePietro v Lewis


6:30 Games - 1st Grade Boys

              HOME           AWAY

Field 1 - Gauthier v Deiana

Field 2 - Garriga v Kiesman

Field 3 - Goncalves v Pirperies


7:30 Games - 2nd Grade Boys

              HOME           AWAY

Field 1 - Rolo v Gomes

Field 2 - Rabidou v Russo

Field 3 - O'Toole v Filosa