Mass Youth Soccer Spectator Guidelines

There has been some discussion about what to do if a parent has multiple minor children and has no other child care options.

There is an exception per Mass Youth Soccer's Guidelines that allows a spectator to bring additional minors when no other childcare is available.  Please see the spectator rule and exception below

This is an exception to the guideline for this specific instance.

This exception does not over-rule the 50 spectator rule per playing field.

These guidelines are as of September 4, 2020 and remain fluid, so they can change throughout the season.


For MHYSA, parents need to let the COVID Coordinator and the Coach know ahead of time so that as an organization we are able to stay in compliance with the state, Mass Youth Soccer and the Milford Board of Health.


Any questions, please direct them to our organizations Covid Safety Officer, Brian Giroux [email protected] and club president Tasha Griffin [email protected] 



Per Mass Youth Soccer

No more than 50 people excluding players, coaches, referees, or facility/activity workers in the aggregate in, on, or surrounding any surface/playing area, provided that there is adequate space for all players, coaches, referees, facility/activity workers and spectators to maintain at least six feet social distancing, recognizing that for some moderate and high risk sports intermittent and limited contact may occur for players 

Note: For the purposes of the above bullet point #2, players are defined as any person on the official team roster. FROM MASS YOUTH SOCCER: During this current COVID-19 Pandemic state of emergency as proclaimed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mass Youth Soccer requires all member organizations to limit the number of spectators at all sanctioned soccer activities to One (1) per player. Spectators are defined as a Parent, Legal Guardian or Chaperone. Spectators must follow all Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activities Guidelines. If a player’s parent/legal guardian is present as a coach for their team, another spectator is permitted to be present for this player.


• Exceptions: Any Spectator who is responsible for other minors and is not able to have them cared for by others is permitted to be in attendance as a spectator with such children with them at all times.